PET Strip Production Line

PET Strip Production Line

Product Description

PET straps production line takes the 100% bottle flakes as raw materials without any other complement and crystallization, adopts advance technology to produce all kinds of polyester straps directly in a economical cost.
1) PET raw materials do not need to separate the dry and water treatment. There are automatic circulation on preheating and drying that save a large number of equipment investment and reduce the production cost by 30%;
2) Utilizing the retrieving bottle slice as raw materials that reducing the cost to a great extent;
3) With the multi-purpose machine, produce the PET straps in different specifications directly and don't need to change the mould head;
4) Comparing with new polyester slice, the transparency of products is just the same, but the tensile strength and shock resistance are up to the international grade;
5) Low Energy consumption, but high production capability;
6)Easy to operate, save the manpower and two persons for one production line on average.

As a rule, it taks the pet pellet as the raw material for the usual line. But our line can use the 100% pet flake as the raw material with our technology improvement. The cost calculate as follow:
Total cost= raw material + power fee + wage + generic wastage.
1Vacuum autoloader1pc
2PET dryness system1pc
3PET-SJ90/33single screw extruder(with feeding system and1pc
4Die head1pc
5Water trough calibration system1pc
6First pre-heating machine1pc
7Short wave infrared ray heating oven1pc
8First tensile pre-heating machine1pc
9Short wave infrared ray heating oven1pc
10Second tensile machine1pc
11Embossing machine1pc
12Three rollers cooling machine1pc
13Tight hot calibration machine1pc
14Third haul-off1pc
15Double winder2pcs
16  SML Chillier1pc
MKS-A mould Temperature controller2sets

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